The minimum order for customized eartags is 50 pieces per design. If you wish to include your logo, on your first order there will be a $15 USD charge for digitization and adaptation required for printing. The price listed below is for the minimum order of 50 eartags.

Important Notes on Eartag Customization:

Logo Digitization: While there is a fee for logo digitization, complex designs may not be replicated perfectly. We always send a proof for approval before starting production. Any adjustments or approvals needed beyond this point are not included in the estimated delivery time.

Number Printing: We cannot include leading zeros in number prints (e.g., ‘10’ is acceptable, ‘0010’ is not).

Guidelines for Effective Cattle Numbering

Establishing a beef cattle numbering system is crucial for efficient herd management. Here are some recommendations for an effective system:

• Ensure unique cattle identification numbers for at least a decade.

• Limit identification digits to five characters for ease of use, with four digits being typical.

• Combine numbering with color coding to enhance data visibility in your herd management records.

These tips will help maintain an organized approach to tracking and managing your cattle.